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Take control of your IBS!

You’re tired of feeling miserable, up all night with tummy pain, and frustrated that everything seems to make you sick.

You want to do more of the activities you enjoy without having to cancel plans or worry about the location of the nearest restroom.

You’re frustrated that you look 7 months pregnant, when you’re not!

I know. 

I’ve worked with tons of clients that feel the same way you do.  I’m here to help, listen to your story, and support you the entire way. 

Hi! I’m Chanel.

I have spent the last five years specializing in gastrointestinal disorders. It was that very first year in practice that wooed me into focusing on IBS – specifically working with the Low FODMAP Diet.  I was AMAZED at the results my clients were getting and bombarded with rave reviews at follow-up appointments.  They would say things like,

“I never thought I would feel this good again!”

“I didn’t realize how bad my symptoms were until they disappeared.”

“Food isn’t scary anymore.”

Their excitement filled the room.

My most memorable client was on the verge of quitting her job because of the travel demands.  She would avoid eating on days she traveled because she was worried about not having a restroom nearby. She was hungry and in pain all day.

Enter the Low FODMAP Diet.  She worked really hard and, with my guidance, was able to find out which foods caused her diarrhea in less than three months!  A whole new world opened up for her as she was able to eat SO many more foods and travel with confidence. 

This only inspired me to dig deeper into my knowledge of irritable bowel syndrome and the Low FODMAP diet.  I took workshops and courses taught by the leaders in the industry including the university that discovered the diet.

Over years as my knowledge and research has expanded, I’ve continued to improve on my program integrating a functional nutrition element to restore gut health for life long symptom control.

I am a registered & licensed dietitian in Texas with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree of Science in Nutrition. I have also completed FODMAP training with Monash University.

Don’t suffer in silence.   Let’s do this together.

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